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Zope2 PropertySheets

Anlegen und verwenden von Zope2 PropertySheets


def getProperty(id, d=None): """Get the property 'id'. Returns the optional second argument or None if no such property is found. """


def getPropertyType(id):
  """Get the type of property 'id'.
     Returns None if no such property exists.
def propertyIds():
  """Return a list of property ids.

def propertyValues():
  """Return a list of actual property objects.

def propertyItems():
  """Return a list of (id,property) tuples.


def manage_addProperty(id, value, type, REQUEST=None):
  """Add a new property via the web.
     Sets a new property with the given id, type, and value.
def manage_changeProperties(REQUEST=None, **kw):
  """Change existing object properties.
     Change object properties by passing either a REQUEST object or
     name=value parameters